Will a bald Barbie help kids cope with cancer?

The side effects of chemotherapy can create anxiety and uncertainty for any patient, but for young children, it can be overwhelming. A group of parents – that now counts thousands of supporters – is hoping that their call for a new bald Barbie will help.

Cori Liptak, PhD, a psychologist in the Pediatric Psychosocial Oncology Program at Dana-Farber/Children’s Hospital Cancer Center, is part of a team that helps young patients manage pain and anxiety through play and behavioral therapy. She shared her thoughts on the subject during a recent interview with NBC.

Tell us what you think. Would a bald Barbie help young children cope with cancer?

Click on the image below to watch the news story from KSN Channel 3 (video will open in a new window).

16 thoughts on “Will a bald Barbie help kids cope with cancer?”

  1. Is there someone we can campaign to at Mattel to make this doll also available for girls who don’t have cancer or hair loss? I would very much like to get one for my little girl to help her gain some sensitivity and empathy around this issue. This would be a great teaching tool as well.

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