Feedback Friday: How to Support Cancer Patients

Cancer does not have to be a solo journey. Every diagnosis involves doctors, nurses, family members and friends. Sometimes, support from these people can give that extra push to get you through a chemo infusion, or another radiation treatment.

We recently asked our Facebook followers about the best support they’ve received as a patient, or provided as a caregiver. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. Here is a sample of they had to say:

2 thoughts on “Feedback Friday: How to Support Cancer Patients”

  1. This month, I’m celebrating 30 years since recovering from cancer. Many friends and family assumed the worst back then and went silent, no calls, cards, or contact. My support came largely from neighbors and co-workers. Every thought, word, action, and gift, no matter how small were greatly appreciated. Cancer is not contagious and no one should avoid contacting a cancer patient with some show of support.

  2. What an intensely moving post. I was really impressed to see what many of these cancer patients had to say– things like how much they appreciated supporters coming to help them with the simple things (taking care of the kids, making some nice food, and taking their loved ones out to lunch).

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