Cancer Mythbusters Episode #4: Is Cancer Contagious?

A cancer diagnosis can inspire many questions, one of the most common being, “How did I get this disease?” There are a host of different causes, and in many cases, researchers do not have a definitive answer.

But is it possible for cancer to spread from person to person? In this episode of Cancer Mythbusters, we’ll tackle this question with the help of Ann S. LaCasce, MD, MMSc – and explore how to reduce the negative stigma that some cancer patients face as a result of their diagnoses.

In the Cancer Mythbusters podcast series, we dive into the many myths and misconceptions in the world of cancer. Every episode, we look at a myth and debunk it with the help of our world-leading clinicians and researchers. Visit Dana-Farber’s podcast page for more information on other cancer podcast series.