Common Brain Tumor Myths, Debunked [Podcast]

Brain tumors are some of the most complex types of cancers that exist, requiring a multidisciplinary team of many specialists. There are two main types of brain tumors: primary brain tumors, which originate in the brain, and secondary brain tumors, also known as brain metastasis, which refers to a tumor that has spread to the brain from its area of origin.

With the help of Ugonma Chukwueke, MD, an oncologist in the Center for Neuro-Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, we break down some of the most common myths and misconceptions about brain tumors in our latest episode of Cancer Mythbusters—whether you’re looking for information on how they start, what their signs and symptoms are, or how they’re treated.

Ugonma Chukwueke, MD.
Ugonma Chukwueke, MD.


  • 1:06: Chukwueke breaks down whether brain tumors can be caused by artificial sweeteners, hair coloring, cellphones, or microwaves
  • 2:31: We discuss what definitively causes brain tumors, including whether they can be hereditary
  • 4:10: Common signs and symptoms
  • 4:58: Chukwueke dives into the myth that there are no good treatment options for brain tumors

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