Detecting Cancer Early: What You Should Know [Podcast]

Cancer research is often geared toward finding new and effective treatments, but researchers are also constantly trying to pinpoint ways to find cancer in its early stages, when it is often more treatable and even curable. While it’s not always possible to find cancer before it arises, incredible advancements have been made in early detection in recent years.

In this episode of Cancer Mythbusters, we’ll address some common myths, misconceptions, and questions about early detection—including which cancers can be detected early and how, as well as current screening recommendations—with two Dana-Farber experts: Brittany Bychkovsky, MD, MSc, and cancer genetic counselor Jill Stopfer.


  • 1:18: Examples of cancers that can be detected early and how
  • 4:17: General signs and symptoms of cancer that people should look out for
  • 5:02: Screening recommendations for women as of this recording
  • 7:15: Screening recommendations for men as of this recording
  • 9:12: Which people should consider genetic testing