Beyond Cancer Podcast – Episode #5: Stupid Things People Say

Stupid things. We all say them. And cancer patients have heard them all — from the insensitive to the absurd, from nutrition tips to fertility advice, and just about everything in between. While patients can laugh (hopefully) at the remarks in hindsight, when they’re first said, they can cut deep, making patients question their decisions.

Kim Douglass
Kim Douglas

In this episode of Beyond Cancer, Kim Douglas and Becky Sail discuss the stupid things they’ve heard, and more importantly, how they dealt with those barbs. We also explore with Dana-Farber’s Karen Fasciano, PsyD, what’s behind these comments.

Becky Sail

Hear the discussion by listening to the podcast episode below or click “download” to listen later.

The Beyond Cancer podcast was a monthly series featuring cancer survivors who share how they’ve navigated the physical side effects, emotional challenges, and dynamics of life during and after cancer treatment. Visit the Beyond Cancer page for more episodes and Dana-Farber’s podcast page for more information on other cancer podcast series.