What’s New in Radiation Oncology? [Webchat]

At Dana-Farber, radiation oncologists like Dr. David Kozono, MD, PHD work to improve outcomes in cancer through research and deliver quality care to patients through radiation therapy.

About two-thirds of cancer patients undergo radiation therapy as part of their treatment. What new developments are occurring in the world of radiation?

According to Kozono, technological advances to modern computers have allowed radiation oncologists to treat cancer with more strength and precision. Techniques like Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) shape and guide X-rays to direct higher doses of radiation that destroy tumors and kill cancer faster.

Kozono is also particularly excited by advances in immunotherapy and how it can work in partnership with radiation therapy to help treat cancer.

During a recent Facebook Live webchat, Kozono answered questions from the audience and discussed what patients should ask their radiation oncologist before treatment.

Kozono explained that when patients talk with their radiation oncologist, they should consider their diagnosis, what kind of radiation therapy they’re receiving, how many treatments they will undergo, and what side effects they might expect.

“The most important questions, really, are the ones that patients and loved ones want to ask,” he says.

View a video of the Feb. 16 webchat below.