Which Cancers Are On the Rise?

In its Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, the National Cancer Institute reported that between 2002-2011, colorectal cancer and lung cancer rates dropped among men and women in the United States. Despite these gains, statistics showed higher rates of both thyroid cancer and liver cancer. The increases for these diseases could be due to several factors, but improved detection and possible overdiagnosis may account for the increase in thyroid cancer cases, and increased rates of hepatitis C and alcohol abuse could be to blame for more cases of liver cancer.

Which other cancers are on the rise in the United States? Learn more in the infographic below:

infographic, cancer trends, cancer incidence
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  1. Interesting. Is this graphic from 2011? Are there no more recent statistics/do these stats still stand true for today? Also, I assume pink stands for rates in females and blue for males, but the symbols are opposite…

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