How Does Testicular Cancer Affect Fertility and Sexuality?

Although there were fewer than 8,000 cases of testicular cancer in the United States in 2013, the disease often creates major concerns about fertility and sexuality for men of all ages.

When treated early, there is a 99 percent cure rate for testicular cancer patients at Dana-Farber. Doctors typically try to use the least aggressive treatments available, starting with removal of the cancerous testicle. While this can be traumatic, a man can maintain sexual function and fertility with one testicle, says Clair J. Beard, MD, director of the Testicular Cancer Center at Dana-Farber.

“There really is no danger to your sexual function as a result of having testicular cancer,” says Dr. Beard, who speaks to testicular cancer patients’ sexuality concerns in the video below.

Younger men with testicular cancer face unique challenges, including deciding whether or not to bank sperm, which can be a difficult decision for those who may be years away from considering fatherhood. In the video below, Dr. Beard explains the how testicular cancer impacts fertility, and the benefits of banking sperm for younger patients.

Dana-Farber encourages young men diagnosed with testicular cancer to seek support from our Young Adult Program, whose specialists can help them make difficult decisions concerning fertility and navigate intimate relationships. Dana-Farber’s Sexual Health Program also helps individuals of all ages adjust to treatment-related changes in sexual health.

How we diagnose and treat testicular cancer.

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