The Latest in Cervical Cancer Treatment, Research and Prevention

The latest in cervical cancer treatment
Larissa Lee, MD, and Alexi Wright, MD, MPH

Although cervical cancer is relatively rare in the United States, approximately 11,000-12,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with the disease each year. Globally, that number grows to more than 500,000 diagnoses each year, making it the fourth most common women’s cancer worldwide.

As January marks Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, the Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers at Dana-Farber hosted a live cervical cancer webchat with Ursula Matulonis, MD, medical director of the Gynecologic Oncology Program at the Susan F. Smith Center, medical oncologist Alexi Wright, MD, MPH, and radiation oncologist Larissa Lee, MD. The discussion included information about HPV vaccines and prevention, the latest treatments for cervical cancer, as well as research into new, targeted therapies to treat the disease.

Watch the webchat video below to learn more:

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  1. This is very useful information. Cancer screenings continue to play a vital role in prevention techniques. As technology continues to improve, it will be interesting to see how these screenings become more popular.

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