What It’s Like When Your Dad Has Breast Cancer

By Brittany Collins “Men don’t get breast cancer,” a practitioner told my father, who had concerning symptoms and a sister who carries a BRCA-2 mutation. “You shouldn’t worry.” This was how my family’s cancer journey began. Years prior, my paternal grandmother passed away from the disease, and my aunt had recently completed treatments for her … Continued

A Man in a Pink World: My Journey with Male Breast Cancer

By Mike Johnston  My journey into the realm of male breast cancer began with a routine yearly physical exam in May 2009. I had noticed, and felt a twinge of pain in, a lump on my left breast, which I requested my physician take a look at. We conferred and he explained it may be … Continued

Can Men Get Breast Cancer? Facts You Should Know

Medically reviewed by Jose Pablo Leone, MD Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, but men can also be diagnosed with the disease. How common is breast cancer in men? While male breast cancer is rare, according to the National Cancer Institute about 2,000 men will receive this diagnosis every year, … Continued