Stomach Cancer in the African American Community: Information to Know

Although stomach cancer is a rare disease, African Americans have a higher risk of developing it than white Americans do. Incidence rates of stomach cancer are 1.8 times higher in non-Hispanic Black men and 2.2 times higher in non-Hispanic Black women than in white men and women, respectively, according to the American Cancer Society. (These … Read more

‘It’s Like it Was Never There’: One Man’s Remarkable Response to Cancer Treatment

Retired teacher Brad Davis doesn’t like talking about his cancer — not because he’s ashamed of it, but because he’s been able to move on from it. That wasn’t always guaranteed: While Davis is thriving on his current treatment plan, he was facing a much different scenario just one year ago. In 2018, Davis was … Read more

Stomach Cancer: How Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy are Changing Treatment

The approval of a targeted therapy and an immunotherapy drug for some patients with advanced stomach cancer reflects recent new approaches to this difficult-to-treat cancer that hasn’t had many therapeutic advances in recent years. Stomach cancer, uncommon in the United States but a leading cause of cancer death globally, causes few definitive symptoms in early … Read more

Volunteering at Pan-Mass Challenge Means Family and Fun for Stomach Cancer Survivor

Saul Heller has been a professional singer and a cantor, a grocer, travel agent, and even an activist blogger. These days, however, the 88-year-old grandfather is especially proud of two new roles: stomach cancer survivor and Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) volunteer. Each August for 12 years – missing only the summer after his January 2014 surgery – Heller has been … Read more

What Should I Eat If I Have Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer treatment, which may include surgery to remove some or all of the stomach, often affects patients’ appetites and the way they digest food. Many patients may experience a poor appetite, weight loss, stomach pain, and feeling full early, which can make it difficult to adhere to their regular diet. Below, Dana-Farber nutritionists offer … Read more