Patient Lives Energetic Life After Cancer Treatment — With Help From an App

Before her vulvar cancer diagnosis, Ronda Cushman led an energetic life as a physical therapy assistant who exercised each morning. Chemotherapy treatment curtailed both passions, but now Cushman may have a new ally in regaining her strength – and caregivers a new way to monitor her health away from the hospital. This past spring, Cushman … Read more

Women’s Cancers: What You Should Be Screened For and When

It’s never too early or too late to work toward being your healthiest you. That’s the motto of National Women’s Health Week, an initiative developed to help women of all ages take control of their health. Following proper cancer screenings is an important part of maintaining health and well-being – and reducing your risk of … Read more

Breast Cancer Treatment: What’s the Latest?

Not only are more effective drugs for breast cancer coming to the clinic, but oncologists are making important progress in matching breast cancer treatment to specific patients and the molecular characteristics of their tumors. It’s also becoming more feasible to rachet the intensity of treatment up or down depending on the patient’s risk status, and … Read more

What Is Triple-Negative Breast Cancer?

Triple-negative breast cancer is a subtype of breast cancer where cancer cells do not contain estrogen receptors or progesterone receptors, and HER2 receptors are also absent or present at low levels. Triple-negative breast cancer accounts for roughly 15% of all breast cancer cases and can be somewhat more aggressive than hormone-positive or HER2-positive breast cancer.  Who is most at risk for … Read more

Does Breast Density Affect Mammogram Results?

While there are genetic and lifestyle risks for breast cancer, some may not realize that breast density also plays a significant role in risk for the disease.  Breasts are considered dense if they are mostly made up of glandular and fibrous tissue and not much fat. Breast density can be seen only on a mammogram; the firmness of breasts is … Read more